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Public Speaking Consulting

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, do you want to improve your communication skills in formal and informal situations? Exude confidence and charisma? Hold an audience’s attention? Generate enthusiasm about your ideas? Get rid of stage fright? Speak clearly and concisely?

Through Marshall Speech Coaching (MSC), we’ll teach you strategies and techniques to:

  • Optimize your natural communication style

  • Speak well under pressure

  • Communicate with impact

  • Overcome nervousness and deliver messages with confidence and clarity

  • Learn the art of body language

  • Boost persuasiveness and capture audiences’ attention

  • Use “Voice Power”

  • Articulate ideas with enthusiasm


We offer:

Customized Programs/Individual Sessions: Our one-on-one programs begin with an evaluation session that results in your “personal communication profile.” We then develop tailored modules with specific strategies for improvement based on the evaluation session and your goals. Finally, you’ll participate in practice sessions to ensure mastery of the MSC techniques.


Virtual Sessions Available

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